Marine Searchlight Remote Control. 35w Halogen Boats/Yachts, Motor-Home

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Marine Searchlight Remote Control. 35w Halogen 

'X'Sports high power HID Halogen powered remote controlled searchlight has been designed and manufactured exclusively for Leisure Pursuits. This product has been 100% quality checked to our high standards and offers exceptional light output performance. The sleek low profile design enables the modern aesthetics to blend perfectly into any boats profile

The searchlight is very powerful for its size with a sealed beam 35w halogen output capable of projecting at least 200 metres at 1 lux brightness and at least 7 lux at 100 metres. Horizontal movement is a huge 320 degrees and vertical movement is 75 degrees. Monitor is manufactured from a UV stabilised ABS material and is water resistant (IP54). Complete with 15ft of power cable and a fully weatherproof remote control.

Features: * Power output 35 watts at 12 volts. Lamp life in excess of 3,000 hours. Colour rendering is Cool White. Provides higher brightness and greater illumination than conventional searchlights * Touch sensitive remote control allows motor driven movement in four directions, including a touch sensitive on/off switch * Remote control is totally portable (2 x PP3 batteries supplied). Operating instructions supplied

* Suitable for mid-size boats, larger motor-homes, home lighting, high speed emergency vessels and vehicles * Long life gear drive with a low amperage draw * Clutch mechanism prevents motor damage when running against the limit stops * 12 Months Manufacturers unconditional UK Warrantee on this item.